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FV Revelation Unterstützung

Alle Themen, Ressourcen für FV Decipher benötigt.


Viewing and Downloading Images

  1. Image view - This view allows you to browse entries by the images they contain
  2. Individual Download - You can easily download images from Revelation. To download a single image you can either click the link labeled "Original" at the bottom of a tile when you hover over it, or you can click into the entry and select the link below the image.
  3. Batch Download - Click "Publish Image Set"  to download a zip file of all the images currently being displayed with the particular filters you have active.Once you’ve published an image set you can download it by clicking "Findings," located on the project toolbar on the left side of the page.
  4. Multiple Pages - Often there are more images than can fit on the first page of the image view. Navigate to additional pages by clicking the arrows next to the page numbers or directly clicking on the page number you wish to navigate to. This feature is  located on the top right corner of the image page, directly under "Publish Image Set."
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