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Analyzing Your Concept Canvas Activity

The explore area allows you to use a set of simple, yet powerful filters to quickly find patterns in your data.

  1. Explore Menu - Access the Concept Canvas explore area by selecting "Concept Canvas" on the project toolbar menu.
  2. Activity Tile - Each tile represents an individual marker activity. Click the tile to enter the analysis area for that activity.
  3. Sentiment Graph - The colors in this bar represent the ratios of negative, neutral, and positive sentiment for this activity allowing you to compare sentiment across activities at a glance. Sentiment must be enabled for an activity for this bar to appear.
  4. Completion - Displays how many participants have submitted a response to the activity.

  1. Changing the view - Pin view is the default view and shows you where each pin was placed on the image. The other view is the heat map, which shows you a graphic representation of pin density.
  2. Zoom - By default, the image for the activity is sized to fit your screen. If you’d like to see the image at full size, click the "+." To refit the image to your screen select the "-."
  3. Minimize View Palette - Save some screen real estate by selecting the "<" to collapse the view palette.
  4. Filter by Sentiment - If you have sentiment enabled for an activity, you will see a donut graph at the top of the filter pane. Clicking on the different sections of the graph will filter pins by the corresponding sentiment.
  5. Additional Filters - Below sentiment you can filter the pins by specific segments, participants, pin placement order, and default profile fields. You can filter by as many different items as you wish.
  6. Pin Feed - On the right side of the image is the pin feed. This shows you all the pins that are active with your current filter settings. Hover over a pin entry to highlight it on the image. Like the view palette, collapse the pin feed by clicking the ">."
  7. Sorting - Sort the pin feed by date, sentiment, participant, or segment.
  8. Exporting - Export an image of the canvas or an xls report. Both exports will obey currently active filters and, once generated, can be downloaded in Findings > Reports.
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