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FV Revelation Unterstützung

Alle Themen, Ressourcen für FV Decipher benötigt.


Scheduling Your Activities

Now that you have created your activities let’s schedule them!

  1. Activity Area - Once you have saved an activity it will appear in the activity area on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Activity Editor - To edit an activity click on the arrow to reveal the drop down menu. From this menu you can preview the activity, return to the activity builder, copy this activity to this project or another project, or delete the activity.
  3. Calendar - When you are ready to schedule an activity simply drag and drop it onto the day you’d like the activity to launch. Once placed, you’ll set the launch time and who you want it launched to (person, segment, activity chain). 
  4. Activity Guide - Click here to export a printable version of your activity guide. Once generated, you’ll be able to download your guide on the "Findings : Reports" page.
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