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Alle Themen, Ressourcen für FV Decipher benötigt.


Creating Segments

  1. You may wish to create distinct groups of participants in your study. Regardless if these groups are responding in different languages, entering your study at different times, and/or you want to launch different sets of activities to different groups, the "Segments" area is where you do it.
  2. Edit - To edit the properties of a segment select "Edit"
  3. Segment Name: Name segment here
  4. Segment Contact: This is the researcher who is assigned to this segment and will get all notices about participant messages, comments, and tech support requests
  5. Start & End Dates - Create the start and end dates of the segment here. Segments impact the start and end dates of the project. The segment with the earliest start date determines the start date for the project. The segment with the latest end date determines the end of the project.
  6. Language - This is where you set the language of segment allowing you to do international projects with multiple languages. By setting the language here, the system knows to display the interface in the correct language. 
  7. Creating new segments - Click here to create a new segment


Moving Participants - Once you have assigned a participant to a segment, DO NOT move them into another segment once the project has started. You will lose data.

Group Discussions - Social activities can only happen between people in the same segment. If you are only using segments to be able to sort data later, consider using unique profile fields instead.