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Adding Research Team (Researcher and Observers)

  1. The "Research Team" area is where you go to add and manage the members of the research team
  2. Click here... - Select this to add a new member to the research team. For each team member you need to provide a name, email address, and role (see next page for role definitions)
  3. Roles - There are 3 different roles a person can have in a project.

    Researchers - Members of your team who have full capabilities. They can access all areas of the project, edit activities, add/delete/disable participants and research team members, and communicate directly with participants.

    Observers - Cannot edit or access the majority of the "Setup" area. The exception is the "Activities" page which they can view but not edit. Observers have full access to the "Explore" area including adding tag responses and leave comments. Comments left by the Observer will be visible to Researchers and Observers, but cannot be viewed by the Participant. Observers cannot export data or view Participant email addresses.

    Recruiters - Designed to be used with recruiters helping you with the project, this role allows someone to assist you in adding participants to your study. Their access is limited to the "Setup: Participants" page, where they can add and edit participants to the study.

  4. Visits - Here you can see the number of times a person has visited the project, as well as the last time they visited
  5. Change Name - Change the name of the team member
  6. Invite - Sends an invite email to the member letting them know they now have access to the project
  7. Remove - Removes them completely from the project and all data they have contributed such as comments
  8. Disable - They will no longer be able to access the project but any data they created (like comments) is kept
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