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Daily Digest


The Daily Digest is a once daily summary sent to each participant by email during each day of fielding. The email will go out at a predetermined time set by the researcher.

Save time: The Daily Digest notification is automated, which eliminates the need to export reports and draft a daily reminder email or message relaying what is needed from the participant.

Better participation: The notification lists both overdue and currently due items, upcoming items that will be posting in the upcoming 24 hours, comments and questions left by the moderator, and comments and likes left by other participants on shared activities.

Participant Specific: Digest will take each participant’s individual progress into account when sending the notification.

Customized: Daily notification allows for custom wording allowing the researcher to make it fit their company voice.

Enabling Daily Digest

To access the Daily Digest go to "Project Setup" "Digest":



The Daily Digest options tab allows you to turn on and off different sections of the daily digest:


  1. Enabled – The Daily Digest will send out 1 Daily Digest by email to each participant. The default setting is to have this turned "on." To disable this Daily Digest email, set to "off" and be sure to click "Save."
  2. Send At – The Daily Digest will go out to each participant at a specified time. If a time is not specified, the default is set for 8:00am. The time listed is local to the researcher.
  3. Activities Due – A list of all over due  and currently launched activities will appear here. These activities are specific to each participant. The list includes the title of the activity and the hours overdue. At the bottom, the participant will have a button that redirects them to the to-do list. The default setting is to have this turned "on."
  4. Activities Launching – A list of the upcoming activities within the next 24 hours will appear in this section. The default setting is to have this turned "on."
  5. Moderator Comments – This section will flag the participant to any new comments left by their moderator. The default setting is to have this turned "on."
  6. Recent Comments – Comments are specific to shared activities. If there is sharing, this section will alert the participant to any new comments left by other participants. The default setting is to have this turned "on."
  7. Recent Likes –  Likes are specific to shared activities only. If there is sharing, this section will alert the participant to any new likes left by other participants. The default setting is to have this turned "on."
  8. Save – Once all items have been set, click "Save" to implement.


The customize tab allows you to customize the default text that will be present in the daily digest email: 


  1. Language – This displays all languages present within your study. To edit one of the languages, select from this list. Edit and save each language one at a time.
  2. Subject – This section allows adjustments to the default subject line for the Daily Digest email. The name of the study will automatically pipe through along with the date.
  3. Template variables – In the "Customize" tab, many of the sections have default text present. Within that default text, there are variables enclosed in double brackets. When used, the variables will pipe through items such as the study name, participant's name, and the segment contact. Below each section, the button "Variable" will display the available variable options that can be used.
  4. Message – This section allows adjustments to the default message text at the top of the Daily Digest email. The participant’s Screen Name will automatically pipe through.
  5. No Action Message – For participants that have no action items, the default text can be adjusted here.
  6. Signature – The signature will automatically sign the email with the primary segment contact. A different person can be customized here.
  7. Save – Once all information is up to date, click "Save" to implement.

Example Template  

Below is an example of the template that will be emailed to participants once the the options have been selected in the Options tab and the text finalized in the Customize tab:


  1. Activities Due
  2. Activities Launching
  3. Recent Comments 
  4. Recent Likes 
  5. Signature 

Disabling Notifications  

Upon initial log in, participants can opt out of receiving notifications. Should the participant turn their notifications off, the daily digest email will not be sent to them each day. 

Best Practices  

Daily Digest is a great option for studies where there are daily activities scheduled. Long term community studies may not be the best scenario for implementing the Daily Digest as they may not require daily notifications. For studies where there are many non activity days between tasks, it may be more beneficial to send manual invites verses enabling Daily Digest.


Daily Digest is currently available in all supported languages.

Participants on the North American (North and South America) server will receive their Digest notification email from no-reply@studyspace.net

Participants on the European Server (EMEA or APAC) will receive their Digest notification email from no-reply@studyspace.eu

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