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Alle Themen, Ressourcen für FV Decipher benötigt.


Downloading Reports

  1. Reports - The "Findings : Reports" area is where you can view and download the reports you have generated. Regardless of the area in which  you generated the report from, this is the area to download it.
  2. Report - The name of the report
  3. Type - The format of the report, such as Text or CSV
  4. Generated - Day and time report was requested
  5. Ready At - Day and time report was ready for download
  6. Last Download - Day and time report was last downloaded
  7. Status - A report can have 4 possible statuses:
    1. Pending: report is being built.
    2. Ready: Report ready for download.
    3. New: Report  has never been created before.
    4. Stale: Report should be refreshed before downloading.
  8. Manage - There are 3 options you can use to manage your reports:
    1. Download - Download the report to your computer.
    2. Refresh - If you create reports while a project is active it’s very likely new data is available. "Refresh" allows you to update the report to include any new data.
    3. Delete - Destroys the report from the Findings > Reports page


How to Publish Reports:

  1. Go to Explore > Responses and start filtering by what you would like to publish at the top where it says Show Me
  2. The activity default filter criteria is "Everything" which is the newest data that has not been clicked yet. This is located at the top of the list of submitted activities on the left hand side.
  3. The filtering systems works from smallest to largest and does not allow duplicate items of the same category. This means that one can filter by Activity, then Participant, then by Question, etc. However, one cannot filter by two activities at once or two participants at once. Filter options also include custom profile fields.
  4. Once the filtering is set to the desired filters click on the "" drop down in the top right corner. The options available are Text, CSV, Excel, and Excel with images. All options but the text option will be in an excel file format. The text version will automatically include images.
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