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Revelation powered by FocusVision: The New UI (User interface)

The New Revelation UI is Here!

We are excited about the new visual and usability improvements and are anticipating you will be too. This update is a large piece in setting up the foundation for features coming your way later this year including more robust analysis, reporting and participant management workflow tools!  

Here is what you can expect in this release:

  1. The Researcher Interface has a new look!
  2. The Participant and Mobile Interfaces are not effected by this update. 
  3. Functionality or behavior has not changed but you'll find some things in new locations. 



The navigation (as we're sure you've noticed) is now vertically situated on the left hand side of the screen. You can collapse the sidebar to open up more real estate to view your work. To access the navigation menu when collapsed, click the menu icon in the top left corner. 

Project Drop-Down

Jump to any of your projects using the new project drop-down. Begin typing the project title to quickly filter down the result set. Click on the project title to navigate there.

Contextual Drop-Down

Wondering where those publish actions went? We've introduced a new contextual drop-down integrated into the header of many of the views. Look here to find many of the actions previously found in multiple places across the page. This includes publishing reports from Explore, adding and inviting participants in Project Setup > Participants and the like.

Learn More

In the new interface, learning more is just a click away. Click the Learn more link available on each page to find out more about available features, tips and best practices relevant to that view.

White Labels

If you have a white label, you'll be pleased to know the new interface is already configured with the graphics you've previously provided. You can begin using the new version right away.