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Working with Video in Revelation

Adding video to a project can add depth and richness to your data, it can also add a few complexities. When doing a project with video the most important thing is to plan ahead and make sure your participants are prepared!

Technical Requirements

iOS (9+) - iPhone only
Android (4.4+) Smartphones only

Computer Browsers
Chrome (preferred), Firefox, Safari, IE 10 and above

Mobile Devices for Responsive Participant Interface
iOS (6+) - iPhone, iPad, iPod
Android (2.2+) - smartphones & tablets

Video File Types
We accept .mov, .mp4, .avi, and .mpeg for videos. 

Best Practices

The key to having a successful Revelation project with video is to inform your participants up front about the best ways to capture and upload video.

Keep Video Short
People will take more time if you let them, which often leads to longer videos, not better ones. We recommend videos that are 1-2 minutes in length. This also ensures that the video files aren’t too large to upload. 

Save First When Mobile
Because the file size of videos is often large and smartphone connections often unpredictable, have participants record and save their video to their phone and not with the app. That way if anything goes wrong with uploading they’ll still have a copy.

Stay Put & Stay Connected
The main thing that can cause a participants upload to fail is connectivity issues. This happens when people are either leaving wifi networks or moving between cell reception towers while driving. We recommend participants be connected to wifi before uploading a video or at the very least stay put until the video is uploaded.

Wait it out
Video files are large and sometimes take a while to upload. Participants need to keep the Revelation Next app open until their videos have finished uploading. Closing the app before a video has uploaded may cause the upload to get stuck on "pending."

Problem Solving

Despite all our best efforts, sometimes things just go wrong. Follow these steps to problem solve with participants.

Upload Speed is Slow
This is most likely due to a slow connection. On mobile, the best thing is to make sure the participant is connected to a Wi-Fi connection. If the participant is located outside the US the logistics of the servers being in the US might affect slower transfer speeds.

Video Won’t Upload
Here are a couple of issues that can cause the video not to upload.

  1. The file they are trying to upload is not compatible. We accept .mov, .mp4, .avi, and .mpeg for videos.
  2. The participant screen name has invalid characters. We require that the screen name only contains ascii characters.

 If you meet the above requirements and you are still having problems, please advise the participant to switch their web browser to Google’s Chrome browser.

Video upload is stuck on "pending"
This typically happens is the participant is "on the move" and had a connection issue. If they are trying to upload the video and they leave their wifi connection or are driving and go between cellular towers it can cause the stuck on "pending" issue. 

To fix this:

Have the participant ‘force close’ the app or restart their mobile device.

Direct the participant to connect to a WiFi signal to upload the video in the Revelation mobile app.

(If necessary) Direct them to recapture the video using their mobile device’s video recorder then try again to upload the new video.

Participant uploaded video but it is appearing blank in the Explore area.
If you’re using an Apple device and downloading the files to a computer two files will appear. One is the video file, the other is a reference file for Apple systems. The way to discern one from the other is by the name. There will be a "._" before the name in the reference file. For example, for a video with the name "myvideo.mp4" there will also be a file called "._myvideo.mp4" that will be a much smaller size than "myvideo.mp4." Make sure you are uploading the video file NOT the reference file.

Contact Support!
If things still aren’t working out have the participant contact technical support through the Revelation platform. This is important as the system will include important data about the person’s device and operating system that are critical in diagnosing problems.

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