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2. Configure analytics

While MindTouch provides in-product analytics, keep in mind that those analytics are focused on the evolution and validity of your content over time. To analyze your site's traffic, use Google Analytics to work in tandem with our MindTouch reports.

Google Analytics

Google's service provides masterful tracking of your site's traffic and breaks down the data by demographics and geographic regions. Google Analytics is a free service that you can get set up in minutes, which MindTouch provides a direct integration with.

►    Learn how to configure Google Analytics 


I know how—just let me do it!


How can I analyze the data in Google Analytics?

​MindTouch provides free dashboards that can be installed into Google Analytics with a single-click. These dashboards are great resources for providing intelligence to both site managers and authors.

►    Get MindTouch dashboards for Google Analytics


In the next article, we'll review how MindTouch reports can provide additional insight into the growth of your community over time.

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